Guest Artists

Over the years, I have had the honor and pleasure of creating hudnreds of orchestral arrangements for many guest artists for their “symphonic debuts.” The goal has always been to combine orchestral musicians with non-classical musicians and watch the sparks fly. If you are an orchestra conductor and are interested in having guest artists, please contact me and I will help.

Afriky Lolo, African dance and drumming
Barbara Higbie, piano, fiddle, singer-songwriter
Cherish the Ladies, Irish music
R Carlos Nakai, Native American Flute, Symphony Chaco: A Journey of the Spirit
Darol Anger, fiddle/ Eugene Friesen, cello
Funky Butt Brass Band
John Gorka, singer-songwriter
John McCutcheon, singer-songwriter, hammer dulcimer, guitar, banjo, piano, fiddle
Kinobe, African multi-instrumentalist, singer
Noah benShea, author/poet/philosopher, “Jacob the Baker”
Tom Chapin
Paul Winter/Paul Winter Consort, soprano sax, world music
Rob Faust, mask maker “Face: The Music” Symphony
Sam Bush, mandolin/Stephen Mougin, guitar
Soulard Blues Band
Trio Globo: Howard Levy, harmonica/piano; Eugene Friesen, cello; Glen Velez, percussion
Laura Love, singer-songwriter, bassist
Mary “Scout” Badham, Elmer Bernstein’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”