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To Kill A Mockingbird



As a composer and arranger, Gackstatter's works have been performed by groups at Kansas University, Wichita State University, Friends University, and many high school bands, jazz bands, and orchestras around the world.

"The Black Sea" and "Blackberry Blossom"

have been performed at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Conference.

Click here to see video from Chicago.

---Black Sea and The Sky have achieved "Editor's Choice" status in the J.W. Pepper Catalogue!---

Please check out C. Alan Publications for Gackstatter's works for concert band, orchestra, choir and jazz band. To commission orginal works for your band, orchestra or choir, use the contact information on the homepage.

His work, "The Black Sea" was performed at the Berkelee School of Music under the direction of cellist/composer Eugene Friesen and the Wichita Youth Symphony.

Gackstatter's work for symphony, "Jacob the Baker" combines the words of Noah benShea with music and visual art. This performance is recorded live and is available on cd.

Compositions and Arrangements

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Concert Band
Good King's March (Grade I) - Christmas tune for beginning band
Desert March (Grade II) - Concert/Contest piece
Battle of the Washita (Grade III) - programmatic piece which includes aleatoric sections
Bridget Cruise (Grade II-III) - Graingerish choral based on theme by Turlough O'Carolan
Processional March (Grade II) - Commencement march
We Will Always Remember (Grade VI) - Commissioned by Wichita State Bands
Flying (Grade III) - Flashy concert piece with percussion feature
Theodore's Animals (Grade II) - 6 short pieces based on nonsense poems of Roethke
3 Scotch Folksongs (Grade III) - Grainger transcription
Alchemy: Spirit Into Sound (Grade III-IV) - powerful overture, several passages in 7/4
Illuminations: Visions of Hildegard Von Bingen (Grade III) - multi-media work, some aleatoric passages. Available with powerpoint projections.

String Orchestra:
The Black Sea (Grade III) - overture with some mixed meter. Bass section feature
oh, beautiful (Grade II-III) - somber arrangement of America the Beautiful
Blackberry Blosom (Grade III) - fiddle solo (or section) feature, bluegrass
Jig! - medley of tunes by Turlough O'Carolan

Full Orchestra:
Deck the Halls Fantasia (Grade II) - can be used by full orchestra or combined band and orchestra
The Black Sea (Grade III) - overture with some mixe meter, Bass section feature

Symphony: (see programs for more information)
Jacob the Baker (Grade V) - multi movement work with narration.
The Picture Book Symphony (Grade IV) - multi-movement work with narration/powerpoint
The Cartoon Symphony (Grade V) - music for/with 1920s silent cartoons
Symphony for Grouse Creek(Grade V) - music for the landscape paintings of Mark Flickinger
The Mask Symphony (Grade V) - music for mask characters of Rob Faust

oh, beautiful (Grade III) - percussion ensemble
O'Carolan's Pipes (Grade II) - flute trio or ensemble


New Symphonic Works

Face: The Music

a Symphony of Masks with mask-maker Rob Faust


The Grouse Creek Symphony

a multi-media presentation
featuring the artwork of Mark Flickinger with new music by conductor Gary Gackstatter


The Cartoon Symphony

premiere performance celebrating the silent cartoons of the Fleischer Studio's Out of the Inkwell cartoons with new music composed by Gary Gackstatter


Picture Book Symphony


Jacob the Baker


To Kill A Mockingbird