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An Excerpt from 'Pen and Ink'

...Drawing with pen and ink speaks of another time. A certain sweetness comes over me when I pick up my pen and hear the little 'tink' when I dip its metal tip into the bottle of ink. This tactile act makes time disappear and makes each stroke of the pen a tiny line filled fat with memory and meaning. Layering these lines builds not only visual depth but also a depth of feeling, running both ways between artist and subject. They say that you never really know a subject until you draw it.


I would add that the subject doesn't know you either, until then. That tree, that limestone fence, that stone bridge or that mountain seem to actually care if you get it right when you draw with pen and ink. There is a spirit imbedded in these things that calls to me and says very softly, "Draw this." Sometimes I won't know why until I get into it, but it has to start there. I have to pay attention, walk slowly, or I'll miss them when they whisper...